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The experienced team at LGND Motorsports is certified to examine and repair nearly every make and model of vehicle. Read more about our crew of professionals below or drop by to meet us in person so we can learn more about your automotive needs.

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Luis A. Martinez

Owner -  Master Tech - Diesel Mechanic - Sales Manager - Creative Design

LGND Motorsports was founded on a passion for cars and the desire to share that passion with others. Our owner, Luis A. Martinez has been involved in the automotive industry since a young age, and his love for cars and trucks has only grown stronger over time. We take pride in the work we do, and we love being a part of the automotive community. Whether you're looking for customizations or repairs, LGND Motorsports is the perfect place for you.

My name is Luis Martinez, I have grown up in the automotive industry all my life thanks to my parents owning a car dealership and auto parts business located in Miami, Fl. I decided to create a business in the industry but branching out in modifying and customizing vehicles. The custom automotive scene is a diverse and creative community where enthusiasts modify and personalize their vehicles to reflect their unique tastes and preferences. This can involve alterations to the exterior, interior, performance enhancements, and even technological upgrades. 


Customization ranges from subtle changes to extensive overhauls, and it often showcases the owner's passion for cars and individuality. From custom powdercoats jobs and unique body kits to high-performance engine modifications, the world of custom automotive work is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape where innovation and personal expression thrive. 


If you have specific questions or would like to explore within the custom automotive realm, feel free to contact us at LGND Motorsports!

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Lazaro R Martinez JR

Master Tech - General Mechanic -  Paint - Creative Design - Sales Specialist

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Lazaro Ravelo

Sales Specialist 

Lazaro has been in the automotive industry for the past five years. His journey in this industry isn't "just a job"; it's a reflection of his lifelong passion for cars. Growing up surrounded by his older cousins, Laz was deeply influenced into being involved  with the automotive industry.  His cousins were always part of the "car scene" and attended car meets frequently, which he thought was pretty cool. They truly inspired him to transform a vision into reality.  That led him to tackle  the goal of building his own car and igniting the passion he has for vehicles. It truly has become a way for him to express himself through creativity and hard work. 

At LGND Motorsports, we are passionate about automotive customization and modifications. That's why Lazaro is here to help you find the perfect after market parts for your vehicle. As a sales specialist, I specialize in wheels, tires, lift kits, drop kits, and custom suspensions. Whether you're looking to enhance the look of your ride or improve its performance, we have everything you need to get the job done.

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Orlando "Origino" Mateo

Director Media & Marketing (Videography - Photography) 

Origino has been in the media/production industry for 8 years.  His goal in this industry is to be a leading figure for the upcoming generations of creators. Growing up, "O", witnessed things most wouldn't believe to be true, so he found a way to reveal the unseen, Through the Art of Videography and photography he has expressed himself and revealed what to him is "the unseen". This passion has also rewarded him with unique skills to create and collaborate with other creators to help target dreams and aspirations which in turn has created a lucrative and fulfilling career. 


At LGND Motorsports, we understand the importance of captivating and creative content. That's why we have Origino, our Media & Marketing Director, who focuses solely on capturing the essence of our brand and the beauty of the automotive industry through his imagery. Origino's expertise and passion for photography and videography make him an invaluable asset to our team.

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Are you a skilled and passionate automotive technician looking to join a team that takes pride in its craftsmanship? Look no further than LGND Motorsports.
As part of our team, you will play a key role in our mission to provide top-quality automotive customization and contribute to making each client's dream car a reality. 
Apply today to become part of the LGND Family and help us continue to craft legends. LGND Motorsports, Where Legendary Performance & Customization Exceeds Imagination.

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